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Different Forms Of Acne Scar Removal

If you have ever suffered from acne you know just how embarrassing it can be and may search for acne scar removal treatments. Especially if that acne is so severe that it winds up scarring your face or other parts of your body that can be seen. This is tragic for some people, especially teens. It can cause you to feel self- conscious about your face and body and sometimes leads to depression. So,is there any type of acne scar removal? There is. There are actually a few different ways to get rid of acne scarring.


Home remedies for acne scar removal:

Vitamin E is a home remedy for acne scar removal and all natural oil that can help reduce the acne scars. This is said work for some scars but there is not scientific data that proves it. Simply because it is an all-natural ingredient it has no side effects. This reason in itself is enough that you may want to try it before you try any of the more expensive and more intense ways to remove or reduce the scarring. If it fails to work then try moving on to something else. Considering that the Vitamin E is all-natural there are no side effects or downfalls to using the Vitamin E itself. The one complaint that you may have after using it, is that it may not work as well as some of the harsher treatment options out there. Cocoa butter is another all natural ingredient that is supposed to lessen the appearance of scars. Again, it has no scientific data that shows it will work but it has a history of being known to work as a form of acne scar removal.


Creams for acne scar removal:

A step up from home remedies but not quite to the point of medical acne scar removal could be over the counter creams. There are different kinds of creams that should help with the acne scars that you suffer from. They may not totally remove the scars but they should definitely lessen the appearance of them. Mederma is a popular over the counter cream that you may want to try before you move on to the more intense and more expensive treatments. Some creams include cortisone and silicone which are supposed to reduce the appearance of scarring. They are both popular ingredients in these creams. It is best if you apply an over the counter cream to the scarred area at least twice a day. You will see better results if you are doing this. Again, like the natural remedies for acne scar removal, the downfall that you could find is that they may not work. If they do work, they may not work as well as the other acne scar removal treatments.


Facial Peels for Acne Scar Removal:

Facial peels are another type of acne scar removal. They can be done at home. They can also be done at a doctor’s office. The facial peels that you do at home are made of natural fruit acids. Home chemical peels may be made up of low concentrations of glycolic or lactic acids. A more concentrated form of the chemical peels is available in your physician’s office. The chemical peels treat the acne scars by burning off the top layer of skin and when the peel comes off the scars are not as noticeable as they were in the beginning.

A major downside to using the facial peels for acne scar removal is that after the chemical peel is put on and then removed, you have to wait almost two weeks before your skin is finished peeling. It is more harmful to your skin if you peel it off instead of letting it peel on its own. So you have darker skin that takes on an odd texture, such as if you had bad wrinkles. Many people cannot stand to look at this in the mirror and are tempted to peel it off themselves. This is going to ruin the effectiveness of this type of acne scar removal treatment. If you wait, however, many people say that you will not regret the results you find underneath.


Dermabrasion for Acne Scar Removal:

Demabrasion is another way to lessen the visibility of acne scars. Your doctor will take a wire brush and brush the skin where the scar is. This will take off the top layer of skin and when it heals the scars are less likely to be noticed.

Something to consider before having dermabrasion done is that there will be sores and scabbing afterwards. Where the physician has scraped the scars you will have sores that will then scab over. This is something that some women are not comfortable with and it is something that should be thought over.


Laser Surgery for acne scar removal:

Laser surgery is not used lightly. It is a form of acne scar removal but one that is normally saved until you have tried all other options for your acne scars and cannot find anything to remove them. This is something that you do not want to jump into before trying anything else. Laser surgery goes deeper into the skin than dermabrasion and chemical peels. The results are better as well. A plastic surgeon or dermatologist will take a light and burn into the top layer of skin. The light not only burns away that layer of skin but also stimulates skin renewal. This leaves better and more lasting results than the other treatments.

A downfall to using this for acne scar removal is that you will find the laser surgery recovery period is lengthier than that of the other acne scar removal treatments mentioned. As well, with any surgery, there are other risks that you should be aware of. Since this is an actual surgery, and the skin itself is being altered, there could possibly be more scarring afterwards. The acne scars may be less noticeable but you may find that there are new scars from the treatment itself. You may also find your skin red and irritable or even the pigment altered and look a different color than when you started. The redness may disappear after a short amount of time but it may not. The different colored pigment in the skin may wind up being a permanent side effect of this type of acne scar removal treatment.


If you are tired of trying to hide your face, arms, shoulders, or other body parts that have the scarring on them, you do have options . From the most natural ingredients to more intense surgery, there are many different options for acne scar removal. You simply have to decide which one is for you and how far you want to go to get rid of them. Weigh your options, look at the risks, and decide which acne scar removal is the way for you.