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Face Mapping – What Is Your Acne Telling You

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions being suffered by lots of people. Usually, one will start experiencing the problem once he has reached the adolescent stage. This continues until in his 40s and in some cases, until 50s. Based from information sources, your pimple reflects your internal health. By means of splitting into several zones, it is possible for you to know the exact reason why you are suffering from such kind of problem. But still, do not forget the fact that your genetics, hormone as well as your diet and hygiene still play great roles in the development of this skin problem.

Farce mapping is considered as one of the popular methods in terms of skin care. This focuses in different zones of your face like your forehead, your nose, chin and other parts needed in order to decipher what is actually going on inside of your system. In connection with this, it is important for you to know more about the matter.

Acne in forehead, what does this mean?

When you notice that there is development of acne in your forehead, this means that there is build up of some toxins present in your body. Based from information sources, this is related to the inefficiency of your digestive system as well as lack of water content in your body. By simply drinking water, this will help your body flush out the toxins present in your body. Keep in mind that you should drink water up to 8 glasses a day. Moreover, it is also important not to consume frizzy drinks and caffeinated drinks. You can also switch to herbal teas in order for you to avoid experiencing this problem.

Acne on nose, what does this mean?

There are also some people who usually experience acne formation and development on the nose. Keep in mind that when your pimple has developed on your nose. This is directly linked to your heart and to your cardiovascular system. When there is swollen and bulbous nose, this indicates that a person is suffering from hypertension. Therefore, those practices that cause hypertension should be cut. Example of this is drinking too much energy drink. Rather, you have to consume foods that can slow down the release of energy in your body. Examples of these are oats and nuts. These are also effective in reducing your blood pressure. Make sure that you also reduce your intake of salt and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.


Acne present between your eyes above your nose, what does it mean?

When there is development of acne in this part of your face, this is related to your liver. In the event that you are one of those people who are fond of eating outside, avoid consuming foods rich in oils, cream, butter and cheese. If you can, eat inside the house as much as possible instead of going out and dining at some restaurants in your place. Moreover, avoid eating late at night. This is especially before going to sleep. The reason is that your body might not have enough time to break down the foods that you eat. Therefore, these foods might lead to the development of toxin. If you will make your own mealtime, make sure that you consume your dinner before 9pm.


Acne on my upper cheek, what does this mean?

Once you develop pimple in your upper cheek, this is directly related to your lungs. If some of your capillaries are broken, this is basically caused by passive smoking or firsthand smoking. Usually the air you breathe is directly showed in this area of your face. Therefore, people who are living in highly polluted area might experience the problem more. In order to prevent this, make sure that you are not exposed to smoke. In addition to that, make sure that you will routinely change the case of your pillow at least once a week. You can also wipe your face with antibacterial solution in order to reduce the development of pimples on your face. You can also consume pumpkin, sprouts, kale and other foods.


Acne in the lower cheek, what does this mean?

There are also instances that your acne might develop in the lower part of your cheek. Basically, the presence of this problem indicates that you have problems in your mouth. This is especially true when your gums are involved. For you to avoid experiencing this problem, you must ensure the optimal health of your mouth. Keep in mind that regular washing, flossing, using of mouthwash as well as brushing will help you eliminate the problem. Do not wait for the time that yr condition is already worse before you seek for medical attention. It is also a plus factor is you will foods rich in calcium in your diet.


Acne on the ears, what does this mean?

There are so many people who are experiencing acne development on the ears. Once this problem has arise, this means that this is linked to the function of your kidneys. Make sure that you do some measures in order for you to ensure the optimal health of your kidneys. See to it that you also reduce the caffeine and the salt in your diet because they can predispose you to health risks.


Acne on chin, what does this mean?

Once there is development of pimples on the side of your chin, this is related to hormonal imbalance. This usually appears few days before your period. In addition to that, development of pimple on this part of your face also means that you have lack of sleep. On the other hand, pimple on the chin also means that there are problems in your small intestine. See to it that you will carefully watch out for your diet in order for you to avoid experiencing from this skin problem.


Acne on the neck and shoulders, what does this mean?

If there is presence of acne on these parts, this means that you are so stressed. Make sure that you will practice activities that will reduce the stress that you feel. Examples of these are meditation, yoga and other relaxation techniques.

In the event that you have experienced development of the problem on these parts of your face, these are some of the corresponding problems that you might experience in the future. Keep in mind that in every site of the development, there is also a corresponding solution that you can do. Therefore, it is also possible for you to eliminate the problem in the future. Again, genetics, lifestyle, diet and other factors also affect the development of pimple.

Now that you already know the underlying causes of acne, it is time for you to examine yourself. Apart from that, you also need to consult your doctor in order to address your condition as soon as possible.