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How To Get Rid Of Acne Overnight

Acne is the number one annoyance of many women and men, so you should learn how to get rid of acne overnight. Facial acne and other forms of acne is ugly-looking, can make you feel uncomfortable around others, and makes you hide yourself. Acne is a common problem for many people, but that does not mean you have to live with it.

Before learning how to get rid of acne overnight, you should know some of the causes of acne, as well as how to prevent it.

Causes of Acne
Acne can be caused by different things–sometimes just one thing can trigger your acne, but for others, there can be a mixture of triggers. These can include:

* Stress
This is the biggest reason for acne breakouts because when the body is stressed, it produces more secretions that have nowhere to go. This makes the pimples and spots you see.

* Hygiene
If you do not wash your face every day and properly, this can cause your pores to clog.

* Eating Habits
Junk food that contains a lot of fat can cause acne breakouts.

* Sleep
If you do not get enough sleep, this can cause your face and other body parts to breakout with acne. Your body needs the proper rest and nutrients to work well. Without these, your body must work harder, causing stress to you and the body. If you want to learn how to get rid of acne overnight, sleep is one of the best medications.

Acne Prevention
The easiest way to get rid of acne is not to get it in the first place. This means keeping your body healthy all the time. If you currently have acne, use these tips after getting rid of the acne.

How To Get Rid of Acne Overnight By Prevention

* Wash your face with a face wash.
Do not use soap because it is too drying. Instead, use a face wash that is designed for sensitive skin.

* Moisturize.
After washing the face properly, use a moisturizer. Body lotion does not work best for the face because it is too heavy and contains many oils that clog the pores of the face. Instead, use a facial moisturizer.

* Drink plenty of water.
Your body is made up of 70 percent water and in order to stay properly hydrated, you need to add fluid when it is taken away. Exercising and daily activities deplete your water level. Just as it is important to moisturize your body and face, it is important to moisturize inside.

* Reduce stress.
This is easier said than done. If you lead a stressful life, consider doing things that you enjoy. Read a book or take a soothing bath. Listen to soft or favorite music. Find something that helps you relax that is mindless and you will soon find that your stress levels are less. Reducing stress is one step to how to get rid of acne overnight.

* Eat right.
Your body needs nutrients that are not found in junk food. Change your eating habits to give your body the most protein, vitamins and minerals. Bread, pasta, vegetables, fruits, and meat are important parts of a proper diet.

How To Get Rid of Acne Overnight

Everyone wants a quick fix to remove their acne. However, each person is different and one tip may work for you and not work for someone else. For this reason, it may take a few days to find the best treatment for you. These homemade remedies are great ways on how to get rid of acne overnight. You may also consider trying store-bought products as well.

Tip 1: Toothpaste.
Put a small amount of toothpaste on the pimple before bed. It should be a paste, not a gel. This will help reduce swelling and take away the redness.

Tip 2: Lemon juice.
For this tip, you should use a fresh-cut lemon, not the lemon juice from the plastic lemons. Rub a small amount directly to the pimple. Lemon juice will dry the skin, so use sparingly.

Tip 3: Pop It.
Many people find the best and easiest way to remove acne is to pop the pimple. However, this can cause the spread of acne and can be painful. If you do this, you must follow the proper steps to do it successfully. These steps are:

Step 1: Wash hands with soap and warm water.

Step 2: Place one index fingernail on each side of the pimple.

Step 3: Squeeze the nails together while pressing down.

Step 4: Wipe off any blood or pus from the pimple immediately.

Step 5: Wash your hands again with soap and water.

Step 6: Apply lemon juice to the popped zit and the surrounding area to reduce the risk of bacteria spread.

Step 7: Wet a washcloth with warm water and place on the face, taking care to cover the popped zit.

Along with the tips above, you can also try using store-bought over-the-counter products. The most effective of these creams contain Benzoyl Peroxide. For the face, try to find a 5 percent concentration. This cream will be harsh to the skin, so you will want to moisturize after use.

What To Do When You Have a Breakout
When you have a breakout of acne, you can actually make it worse if you do not do the right things. Follow these tips to keep the breakout contained:

* Exercise
Exercising is important for a healthy life, but sweat can cause acne to spread. If exercising is important to you, wear loose clothing and stay hydrated. Shower immediately after exercising to wash off excess sweat.

* Clothes
It is fashionable to wear tight-fitting clothes, but it is important to let your skin breathe. It is best to wear loose-fitting cotton clothing at all times when you have a breakout, especially on the body.

* Keep clean.
It is important to keep your face washed and clean when you have acne.

If you have acne, you know it is big problem, maybe one of the biggest problems in your life. Just know that having acne does not mean you have to stop living. By following the above-mentioned tips, you now know how to get rid of acne overnight, along with other great tips.