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How to Remove Blackheads Safely After Rhinoplasty

Gross and ugly blackheads can really hurt once they are popped out incorrectly or if they are left alone, and so, this article will share to you the ways on how to remove blackheads in a safe and effective way.

After undergoing rhinoplasty, it would take people several weeks prior for their nasal skin to have returned to its normal state. Hence, if you’re looking for ways on how to remove blackheads safely following a rhinoplasty procedure, you must not get very aggressive when you try cleaning or decreasing your disgusting nasal blackheads because it will just make the situation worse. You have to remember that after rhinoplasty, your skin will become swollen and it is very common that you develop blackheads since your skin’s pores got blocked by tape, adhesives, and splint that were used during the procedure. And so, you have to patiently care for those blackheads that have developed, and gentle cleaning of your face for a couple of weeks.

Blackheads signify sebaceous glands that were distended with some sebaceous materials. The situation tends to be universal after a person has undergone rhinoplasty since adhesives were applied on the nose of the patient. After adhesives were applied, it is followed by an occlusive tape then occlusive splint which stays for a week.

And so, what are the safe ways then on how to remove blackheads after rhinoplasty? Here are some tips

  • Try some acne medications that have a low potency like exfoliating products or benzoyl peroxide to remove skin cells that are already dead. These are an effective way on how to remove blackheads.
  • Topical retinoids like Retin-A is also an effective way on how to remove blackheads safely. This kind of product aids in the prevention of new blackheads development because they reduce the secretion of oil and it helps in unclogging the pores. However, desired results will not show up that quick because these are applied for weeks to have the best results.
  • Chemical peels together with the glycolic acid can be a successful mean along the removal of dead skin cells as well as in safely removing blackheads. But, when you are to have these chemical peels, don’t get done if you are treated with topical retinoid.
  • Popping of blackheads is not recommended. But, if you insist doing it, you have to do the following things
  1. Soften the part surrounding your blackheads. You may easily do this through applying warm and clean compress on the blemish, or through steaming your face. Steam and heat can soften those comedones for your skin to become more receptive when popped.
  2. A great way in having your face steamed is by filling your sink with some hot water. Lean above it, and then breathe through the steam. In addition, you can steam your pores by running a hot shower and let the water pour down on your face. If you can afford it, then, you might also purchase your own facial steamer.
  3. Use a pimple metal extractor with a round and small opening at one end of it. But first, you must have the extractor sterilized. Dry it and then let it cool. By using the looped part of your extractor, apply pressure on your blackheads for the dirt to come out. This must be done in a slow and careful way.
  4. After the blackheads came out, apply an antiseptic or disinfectant cream over the area.

Natural Ways on How to Remove Blackheads

  • Facial masks or washes concocted from neither lemons nor limes are being practiced by many people. The juice extracted from them are applied on the areas which are prone to blackheads after the face is washed with mild soap and thoroughly rinsed using warm water. Natural acids found in this kind of citrus fruits are capable of providing natural astringent which deeply cleanses skin while tightening and toning the pores.
  • The use of honey can be a soothing treatment for the skin. It also acts as natural moisturizers. Lots of people have found out its efficiency when they are looking for ways on how to remove blackheads and in improving the look and texture of their skin. One fourth cup of it must be applied as facial mask nightly. It should be placed for twenty minutes before thoroughly washing it using warm water.
  • A tablespoon of organic honey may be combined with 1tsp of grind cinnamon, in making a paste which could be applied to the blackheads. This remedy on how to remove blackheads can be done twice daily. The paste helps by gently breaking down the oily and hardened sebum which creates skin problems.


Quite number of people has already been there even if they have not undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. They wake up in the morning, see themselves in the mirror and found out that their noses are lined with those gross and ugly blackheads. Surely, you are dying to look for ways on how to remove blackheads most especially if you went on a rhinoplasty procedure to improve your nose. But, are you sure of what you’re doing? Hence, the shared tips above are proven effective and safe ways on how to remove blackheads.

The presence of blackheads are said to be mild acne that forms in one’s face which is caused by a hair follicle blockage. However, that black part is not dirt, rather, it is oil. This excess oil tends to block your pores and when there is an interaction with air, it causes the black color of it.

How to remove blackheads would not cost you much if you will have it the right way. These are treatments in helping you achieve a beautiful and clear skin. Early treatments as well as consistent use of the mentioned remedies on how to remove blackheads can really be of help to those persons suffering from unwanted blackheads most especially for the ones who have undergone rhinoplasty.

Hopefully, this article has helped you towards achieving a young, beautiful skin in association to the safe and effective ways on how to remove blackheads.